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Experienced San Diego DMV Hearing Lawyer Here To Save Your Drivers License From Suspension And Getting Negligent Driver Violation Points

Our San Diego Dmv hearing attorney welcome you to our web page. It is so easy to get in the car every day and drive to where ever you want. One has no idea how painful life could be until he or she drivers license is suspended or revoked by DMV. If you are have been arrested, charged, or accused of DWI /DUI, in other to avoid the suspension of your drivers license privileges, you need to send a letter to the Department Of Motor Vehicles within 10 calendars days and you need a lawyer to help you with this.
If you don’t send them the letter you are going to lose your drivers license which will prevent you from going to work, taking your kids to school, going out to party with your friend, running errand, zero social life, and among other things.

Don’t try to send letter to DMV or represent your self during a hearing. Most people will make the mistake of trying to draft their own letter or represent them self at a DMV hearing for drunk driving. That is not a good idea because the DMV representatives are well trained and they will bring all the evidence against you reported by the police officer who arrested or gave you a DUI citation.

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