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San Diego Child Endangerment Lawyer
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Experienced San Diego Child Endangerment Attorney

Have you or loved one been charged with endangering a child? If so contact our San Diego child endangerment lawyers with years of defense experienced in getting cases like your reduced or dropped.

Child endangerment is a serious offense that needs to be taken serious. When you put a child in a dangerous situation like leaving them inside a hot car and punishing your child in a dangerous situation etc. In California the penal code is 273a. Under this law, the prosecutor can decide to charge you for misdemeanor or a felony. The consequences is more severe if charged and convicted as a felony.

Please contact us to speak with our lawyers as you can face a lot of time in jail if convicted. You need the best defense team on your side to get you and your family through this tough times. We offer 24/7 free consultation for all clients. We also have have weekends and evenings appointments for your convenient.




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