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San Diego Restraining Order Lawyer

San Diego Restraining Order Lawyer

Our San Diego restraining order lawyer is excited to speak with you regarding your case. Our San Diego temporary restraining order attorney have decades of experience in helping people like get their life back both civil and tro.

Best San Diego Restraining Order Attorney – Hire Us To Get You Result In Your Temporary Protective Order Case

It is important that you hire the best restraining order lawyer with experience to handle your case. Do not gamble your freedom with cheap  and inexperienced law firms. Get the best on your side to increase your chances of getting your desired result.

What Is A Restraining Order or Protective Order?

Under California penal code 273.6 PC  it is a crime to ignore the terms and conditions of a restraining order issued by a judge. Since temporary restraining order is a court order that protect people from physical/emotional threat or abuse from someone they have some sort of relationship with the law doesn’t take it lightly when you break those orders. Intentionally ignoring a legal restraining order carries some serious penalties. This is why you need an experienced San Diego restraining order lawyer to defend you.

You can be charged for a felony or misdemeanor and spend couple of years behind bars when you ignore the legal orders not to text,call,email,live close by,own a gun, and violate other terms in a domestic violence restraining order.

Top Restraining Order in San Diego, CA – Types Of Restraining Orders ( Civil or TRO)

There are other types of restraining orders like elder or dependent adult restraining order, work place violence restraining order, civil harassment restraining order that we help our clients with.

Whether you have been accused of violating an emergency restraining order, temporal restraining order or permanent restraining order,  our criminal defense attorneys will defend your right and reputation.

Our Restraining Order Aggressive Defense Strategies

When you are accused of violating a restraining order in San Diego County, you need a strong legal defense team on your side. If you try to defend yourself by yourself you might found yourself locked up. With decades of experience defending San Diego County natives accused of violation domestic violence restraining our attorneys are good in finding loopholes and helping our clients avoid jail time.

Some of the defenses that we might mount for you is that you are being wrongfully accused of violating the restraining order, the violation was not done intentionally, and among other reasons that could persuade prosecutors and a judge.

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