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Experienced San Diego Fraud Lawyer – Best Fraud Defense Law Firm Helping You Get Your Embezzlement, Credit Card, Auto Fraud, Consumer Fraud, Internet, Insurance Fraud, Identity Fraud, & Health Fraud Charges Reduced Or Dismissed

We are top San Diego fraud attorney helping people in California with all types of fraud crime charges. If you you or loved one have been arrested for fraud call our criminal lawyers for best legal representation.

What is Fraud?

Fraud is the intentional dishonest act of taking someone’s money or property. The defrauded party is entitled to file a civil suit against the person or party that acted fraudulently. The fraudulent party will also face criminal penalties which will depend upon the malicious nature of the fraud. Fraud charges can include not pointing out a known fact or a mistake in a contract that purposely misleads the parties involved. 

Types Of Our Fraud Defense Services

There are many types of fraud charges that our San Diego fraud lawyer can help our clients with. They are:

  • Foreclosure Fraud
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Internet Fraud
  • Mail Fraud
  • Medi-Cal Fraud
  • Prescription Fraud
  • Real Estate & Mortgage Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Senior Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Welfare Fraud

Identity Fraud Charges

Identity theft is one of the most common forms of information crime in America today. With the proper access information, identity thieves can access a person’s bank account, mortgage information, credit card numbers, and even criminal and driving records. Clever criminals can even use your identity and social security number to manufacture completely new identities for illegal immigrants, terrorists, or other unsavory people who would normally have great difficulty obtaining civil services or even entrance into the country.

Criminals can steal identities in a number of shockingly simple ways. “Dumpster diving,” eavesdropping, intercepting important mail, researching public data in records halls, and simply stealing a purse or wallet filled with vital information are all common means of obtaining sensitive information.

The Federal Trade Commission believes that almost 500,000 people are victims of what has become the most common form of fraud in the United States, and experts at most law enforcement agencies expect this trend to continue as our society becomes even more information-dependent.
Victims of identity theft often only discover their situation when collectors come calling looking for mortgage payments or credit card bills that are past due.

Unfortunately by then it is often too late to undo most of the damage, and these innocent people often feel violated and confused about how they can reclaim the life stolen from them. It can take many years to repair the damage done through identity theft, and problems can still arise years later if the initial case is handled improperly.

If you or someone you know was the victim of identity theft, you must act quickly to avoid further damage to your records. A dedicated and professional identity theft lawyer can help you reclaim your identity and your life. Contact us to speak with an experienced identity fraud lawyer today.

Consumer Fraud Charges

Even though consumer fraud has become one of the most common crimes in 21st century America, the thousands of people accused consumer fraud crime in San Diego & California can rarely have any idea they have perpetuated this confusing and poorly understood situation. Frequently honest businesspeople discover that what they consider to be innocent business practices are in fact illegal, and many of these same people now find that may lose their businesses, their finances, and even their freedom.

There are both state and federal consumer and product safety laws that are designed to protect consumers. Some of these laws are very powerful, carry stiff penalties and may even require a defendant to pay the fees of someone suing them in such a case. Our team of lawyers has decades of experience in defending such cases be they civil or criminal, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. Because there is such a myriad of sometimes confusing and overlapping laws it is not uncommon for a business or business owner to trip over regulations or fail to comply with laws that he or she may not have been aware even existed.

Our attorneys have a complete understanding of the complexities of this area of law and can quickly and efficiently size up a case and aggressively pursue the legal options available to you. Sometimes charges can be dismissed solely by the completion of required paperwork. Frequently, charges can be suspended pending completion of agreed-upon procedures.

More serious charges can be reduced through negotiations with prosecutors. Cases that cannot be resolved through negotiations will be put before a jury and our lawyers have represented clients in all of the courtrooms in San Diego County, winning acquittals in cases ranging from civil judgments to murder charges.

It is this type of experience and proven results that San Diego Defense Lawyers can muster on your behalf.What is important to you, as a defendant, is that you have the skills of our legal team working on behalf of your rights in a results-driven approach to resolving your case with the best possible outcome for you.

What may be at risk is not only the possibility of incarceration and stiff fines, but the loss of your business. In today’s political climate consumer fraud is at the top of the list of prosecutors’ agendas. The Federal Trade Commission, for instance, has been publishing lists detailing consumers’ top areas of complaints and these are being targeted by law enforcement. They include: internet auctions and sales, internet services, identify type of transaction in which a consumer makes a purchase of a product that doesn’t work as advertised can fall into this category, be it auto repair or real estate.

Please contact us as soon as possible so you don’t put your business and livelihood at risk.

Consumer Fraud has a wide array of offenses that involve fraudulent activities aimed at consumers. A consumer fraud charge in San Diego could be due to misleading advertising, marketing and improper representation of goods sold.

Although consumer fraud can extend to virtually every section of the modern American economy, most people accused of this crime are merely guilty of over-ambition combined with the ability to make their goals materialize. Do not let yourself become another victim of the legal machine that tries to make examples out of successful businesspeople.

It is best to consult a consumer fraud attorney immediately in order to understand these complicated and confusing charges. Without dedicated and experienced legal counsel you risk losing everything you worked so hard to build and protect. Let us guide you through these difficult and challenging times, and you will not regret your decision.

If you have been charged with consumer fraud, Contact the San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers today!

Credit Fraud Charges

We also represent those charged with credit fraud charges in San Diego & California regain their freedom.Our digital computer age has made life simpler and more convenient for millions of people, but this convenience has enabled minor mistakes to multiply into traumatic and life-changing situations in a heartbeat.

The availability of credit and credit cards combined with slowly degrading mail delivery and sorting standards can create ample opportunity for accidents to occur. Credit fraud is a complex area of law that can involve both state and federal prosecutions by authorities who are increasingly emphasizing their determination to prioritize this crime.

It’s impossible to not read or watch media accounts of stolen identity horrors portrayed in the nation’s newspapers and television outlets as well as internet sites. Ironically, prosecutors say that computers have become the most important tool in the hands of those perpetrating these types of crimes. Because of the national outrage over identity theft credit fraud penalties are increasing in terms of fines and sentences and judges are less likely to show leniency in cases in which victims of credit fraud present tragic testimony about having to piece their financial lives back together.

These factors are among the most important to consider if you learn that you are being investigated for credit fraud or have been charged with the crime.It is also imperative that you contact our experienced legal team as soon as possible because the charges that may be brought against you can spiral upward from misdemeanors into serious, multiple felony charges that carry stiff prison sentences.

In some credit fraud cases there may not even be a violation of identity theft. It is not uncommon to be charged with credit fraud if you have used a credit card in your own name that has been revoked or canceled. There are very defensible options in such cases which involve paperwork between you and the banks and whether proper procedures and notifications were observed.

If you meet with us for an early consultation about your legal options there is the possibility of preventing charges from even being filed. If they are, we have achieved proven results in courtrooms across San Diego County of winning reduced charges and dismissals. Please contact us as soon as possible and preserve your legal rights.

Credit card fraud can involve direct transactions with a bank, the illegal production of fictitious credit cards and the unauthorized use of stolen credit cards. Credit card fraud can also be charged when personal identity information is stolen to apply for credit cards in someone else’s name.
Identity theft can also cause innocent people to experience the headache and hassle of credit card fraud.

Modern technology provides the means to steal an identity and commit all manner of crimes should your credit information fall into the wrong hands. Credit card fraud has become one of the most common crimes in 21st century America, and law enforcement experts believe that thousands more innocent people will be accused of these crimes in the years to come.

It is the right of every American to have a solid defense against any criminal charge, regardless of the crime or evidence. You risk your freedom, your finances, and your livelihood if you do not act quickly and get the best defense available to you.
If you are facing credit card fraud charges, Contact the San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers to review your case today!

Insurance Fraud Charges

Insurance is a fact of life for anyone who wants to participate as a full member of society in 21st century America. Car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, earthquake insurance, medical insurance, and life insurance are just some of the more common necessities, and many people rarely consider their coverage until a disaster strikes.

Most people are overwhelmed when they are faced with the possibility of being charged with insurance fraud. The first step in most cases is for insurance companies to flood you with requests for documentation, statements, medical examinations, receipts and other paperwork that they may use against you.

Threats and demands can follow and civil or criminal charges may be instituted. Frequently, people who find themselves in this boat wind up being so far behind the eight-ball from the start that they may wind up facing allegations of wrongdoing that they never committed.

That is why it is important that you contact the experienced legal team at San Diego Defense Lawyers as soon as possible to assist you and help defend you at the earliest possible stage of these proceedings. We have dealt with insurance companies and prosecutors in courtrooms across San Diego County and are intimately familiar with the intricacies of this area of law.

Insurance companies have huge teams of investigators, lawyers and support staff who use those resources to intimidate the individual policyholder. In the event of criminal activity in insurance fraud the same holds true for the offices of state and federal prosecutors.
Don’t delay in contacting us.

The earlier we begin working on your behalf the better the chance of achieving the most positive results possible in your case. Our legal team has a history of successfully standing up to the aggressive tactics of insurers and protecting the rights of policyholders. We work on a daily basis in the courtrooms across San Diego County with prosecutors to win dismissals and reductions of charges in many such cases.

When cases cannot be resolved and are put before a jury we have won acquittals against charges as serious as murder. Please contact our legal team as soon as possible for a free consultation about your case and your best legal options.

Unfortunately, insurance fraud frequently occurs due to innocent mistakes that stem from the failure of policyholders to properly understand their coverage and act accordingly. The enormous amount of paperwork involved in even the most basic policy is designed to overwhelm consumers, and insurance companies count on your ignorance to sometimes use your own policy against you.

Furthermore, insurance companies are notoriously litigious, and they will attempt to prosecute what may seem to be minor oversights in judgment or bookkeeping. Insurance Fraud can include false claims involving automobiles, personal injury claims and residential insurance claims. Deliberate arson, elevated disaster relief claims and staged car accidents are all examples of insurance fraud in San Diego.

Insurance fraud can also stem from confusion over policy limits and coverage, and most people who much call upon their insurance are in a vulnerable
and emotionally confused state, otherwise, why would they be
seeking insurance reimbursement?If you are the subject of a charge of insurance fraud you must take immediate action.

Insurance companies and their partners usually have enormous assets to draw on, and unless your lawyer is ready to stand up and fight for your cause you will be almost immediately overwhelmed by paperwork, red tape, and legal motions.

Let the insurance fraud attorneys help you understand your situation and form the best defense possible. We will you stand up to the insurance companies and secure the best possible judgment for your case.

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