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San Diego Juvenile Crimes Attorney Providing Best Legal Representation For Youth Offenders Charged With Crimes Throughout California

Is your young son or daughter accused of juvenile crimes? If so then contact our San Diego juvenile crimes lawyer that defend teenagers charged with juvenile crimes through Southern California.

We can help with Juvenile Delinquency cases, Juvenile Dependency cases, and Status offense cases.

We represent juvenile crimes  ranging from bullying, property crimes, vandalism, petty theft, murder, attempted murder, car jacking,car thefts, armed robbery, hate crimes, assault and battery,  drug possession and sales, DUI/DWI, rape, sexual battery and molestation in San Diego.
Dealing with Child Protective Service and law enforcement is not easy so seeks help from  experts like San Diego juvenile criminal attorney to help you and your child.

In United States, the population of youth under the age of 18 is approximately 73.8 million. The jurisdiction of the juvenile court is such that it distributes which crimes committed by this youth are in their custody.

There was a total amount of 1.3 million delinquency cases handled by these courts in 2010 alone. These juvenile crimes take place in different settings e.g. home, school, local community etc.

Child Protective services agencies have a very difficult time handling all the cases that come to them through the courts. In 2010, they investigated 2 million reports of maltreatment which involved around 3.5 million children.

Violent crimes committed by the juvenile offenders usually is at a high after school hours. The percentage of homicide committed by the juvenile delinquents is put at 8% of the total homicides committed in the whole country. Every year there is an average of 11 homicides that are committed by school children in the premises of schools.

Our Juvenile Criminal Offense Charges Defense

An experienced juvenile crimes lawyer in San Diego area can make a difference on your case. About 22% of all juvenile arrests were all released later but 67% of the arrests were escalated to juvenile courts and 8% were directed to the criminal courts because of the heinous nature of the crimes.

The sentence given by the juvenile court can be harsh sometimes even though they are just children. Most of the times even adolescents are subjected to hard sentences when the crime has been established to be pre-meditated, willful, aggressive and violent.

Contact Our Juvenile Crimes Lawyer in San Diego, CA For Free Consultation

If your child is accused or arrested for a juvenile related crime contact our San Diego juvenile crimes lawyer now to provide him or her a powerful legal representation. We will come up with strategies that can safe your child from jail or tainting his or her record.

Contact our top rated San Diego criminal defense attorneys  so we help your child get out of the system. We can help and provide an unmatched defense for the freedom and future of your child.


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