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The Right San Diego Bench Warrant Lawyer & Arrest Warrant Recall Law Firm Can Provide Aggressive Representation

The right experienced San Diego bench warrant attorney and arrest warrant lawyer can help you with your legal issues questions and defend you aggressively. California consumers need to understand bench warrants clearly to avoid being entrapped in more serious fall-outs with the law. These bench warrants are also known as body attachments which refer to a very common type of warrant that is issued in the state of California.  These warrants are issued by the judge without any bias towards the defendant. Call to be connected with a  San Diego bench warrant lawyer for consultation.

A bench warrant is usually issued by the judge on those who:

  • Failed to appear in court as a witness or jury
  • Failed to settle a fine
  • Failed to comply with a court order

Consequences of an Arrest & Bench Warrant

Failure to comply with a bench warrant could trigger a “contempt of court” label on the offender with potential consequences that include:

  • Probation term
  • County jail term
  • Extra fines
  • Driver’s license suspension

Related charges could be instigated as additional crimes parked under Penal Code 1320 PC or Vehicle Code 40508VC. The best thing to do once you find out that there is a warrant against is to contact a San Diego bench warrant attorney immediately.

Time Restrictions on Bench Warrants

A bench warrant must be issued by the court judge with a specific time to be served to the recipient; very much like an arrest warrant. Hence, if the bench warrant is not delivered to the intended recipient within a reasonable time after it is issued by the judge, the trial could be dismissed as the right to a speedy trial is violated by law.

A bench warrant could be classified as a:

  • Misdemeanor
  • Felony

Misdemeanor bench warrants may only be served between 6am and 10pm while a felony bench warrant could be served any time in good cause which refers to acceptable nighttime intrusion depending on exigent circumstances.

Reasons for An Arrest or Bench Warrant

As with other California court warrants, the recipient of a bench warrant needs to respond to the stipulated time of appearance in court and you can hire a San Diego bench warrant attorney to appear on your behalf. Reasons for a bench warrant could include:

  • Response to posted bail for some earlier offense
  • Call to appear in court for a vehicle code violation, arraignment or pre-trial hearing where a personal appearance in court is deemed necessary
  • Report on probation progress
  • Show proof of completion on court-ordered DUI or domestic violence program

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