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 Get A San Diego Drug Crimes & Drug Poessession Attorney Help: Find A Lawyer Who Can Handle The Sales, Possession, Manufacturing, & Trafficking Charges etc

A San Diego drug crimes lawyer and drug possession attorney should be well known throughout Southern California for defending those accused of all types controlled substance crimes like  trafficking possession, sales, and manufacturing.

So if you or loved one is being investigated or charged for  narcotics offense then call an aggressive and experienced San Diego drug crimes lawyer.

The right criminal defense lawyer on yourside can make a difference on your case.

What are Drug Charges?

Drug crimes also known as substance control or controlled substance or narcotic crime is a serious offense in California.  It is one of those charges that one can’t take lightly. Narcotic offense charges has a history of strict enforcement by both state and federal prosecutors against those who use and deal in illegal drugs. And this is why you are encouraged to hire a San Diego drug crimes lawyer to represent you.

Authorities in San Diego have made drug offenses one of their top priorities and devote an enormous amount of their resources to prosecuting such cases.

In all drug charges you face a jail or prison term, fine, probation, subjection to drug testing, drug education classes, drug treatment programs, loss of your driver’s or business license and the possibility of the forfeiture of some of your assets.

A criminal record for a drug crime conviction also carries a negative stigma that can affect your employment opportunities and require you to fulfill certain legal obligations even after you have served any sentence imposed upon you.

Types Of State & Federal Drug Crimes Most San Diego Criminal Attorneys Handle ( Possessions, Sales, Trafficking, & Manufacturing)

Great drug lawyers handle illegal drugs charges such as:

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Ecstasy
  • LSD
  • Psychedelic mushrooms
  • Prescription drugs

Few Key Things To Know About Controlled Substance Charges

1. Federal court judges operate under some very strict sentencing guidelines that have been handed down by legislators intent on punishing drug offenders, particularly those involved with certain high-profile drugs. One of the guidelines establishes minimum prison terms that can be imposed in such cases.

2. Drug crimes can range from simple possession to manufacturing, sale, distribution, importation and trafficking and the charges can be compounded by continuing criminal enterprise allegations in which penalties from fines, imprisonment and seizure of assets can escalate.

3. Some drugs are taken more seriously and carry higher punishment than others. Under the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 the government classified drugs into five categories, called schedules and set regulatory requirements and punishments for crimes involving each category. Schedule I, for instance, involves heroin, LSD and marijuana. Schedule II includes opium, methamphetamine and cocaine. Schedule III includes anabolic steroids and codeine. Schedule IV includes tranquilizers and chloral hydrate.

4. A continuing criminal enterprise is defined as participating in drug crimes in partnership with five or more defendants gaining a substantial income from their actions.

5. Drug crimes often lead to related charges.  It is not uncommon for those charged with drug crimes to also face other serious charges such as murder, kidnapping, embezzlement, tax evasion, burglary, theft and robbery. The death penalty has sometimes been sought by prosecutors in cases in which one drug dealer kills another.

6. Medical marijuana and the treatment of those who cultivate it or use it have become more and more a focus of the authorities and a matter of contention in the criminal courts.

Possible Defense Strategy For Drug Charges

Hire a legal team who has defended many local residents who have fallen prey to this drug and found themselves facing criminal charges that put their freedom, livelihood and family relationships in peril.

A good San Diego drug possession attorney team  should have extensive experience in defending such cases in every courthouse in San Diego County and California. Dependent upon the severity of each case, we have a successful record of preventing charges from being filed, having charges dismissed or reduced and winning acquittals in jury trials.

Every element of your charges should be challenged by a good lawyer and force the prosecutor to provide evidence backing it. The great legal experts will make sure that your warrants was obtained properly before searching you. And they will look for holes to dismantle each offense charges against you.

Contact A San Diego Drug Crimes Law form For Free Consultation On Your Drug Possession, Sales, Trafficking,  & Manufacturing Charges Case

First, if you are arrested for any drug crime in San Diego County, call or fill out the form as soon as possible for a free case review. 619-627-0070. Having an experienced San Diego drug crimes lawyer and rug possession attorney who is aggressive and with experience, resources and complete familiarity with the California criminal justice system who will provide you with the best possible results for your case is the best way to go.


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