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San Diego Methamphetamine & Cocaine Attorney
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San Diego Meth Defense Lawyer & Cocaine Attorney Helping Those Charged With Possession & Sales

A San Diego Methamphetamine & Cocaine attorney help those accused of or charged with the possession or sales of meth or cocaine. Methamphetamine & Cocaine  possession or sales are among the most common defended by an experienced legal team. Our San Diego cocine lawyer have a long and documented record of success in winning dismissals, diversions, plea-bargains and acquittals of drug cases in all of the courtrooms in San Diego County.


San Diego County once suffered the ignominious title of “Methamphetamine Capital of the World” because there were so many meth labs manufacturing the drug and so many county residents using and selling the drug. That day has passed as meth is widespread across the country but this is still a drug crime that is a high priority on the list of state and federal prosecutors.

Government drug enforcement teams are a constant and dominant presence in San Diego because of the proximity of the Mexican border and the local smuggling and distribution networks that have flourished here. Meth use is no longer confined to just incidental use by college students cramming for exams or truck drivers on cross-country hauls.

Its use has permeated all sections of society from junior high school students to highly-paid professionals and weight-conscious housewives.

Methamphetamine is a dangerous mixture of chemicals that is hazardous to manufacture and is very addictive. Its popularity is due to its powers of increasing energy and alertness in users as well as an appetite depressant. The drug stimulates the central nervous system and affects the chemical balances in the brain. Reactions to the drug can range from euphoria to destructive, violent behavior.

It is not uncommon to find methamphetamine to be a factor in domestic violence. The use, manufacturing, possession or sale of methamphetamine or meth, speed and crystal meth, as it is commonly known, can carry significant punishment that can result in jail, prison, fines and probation.

The government devotes huge resources targeting methamphetamine drug crimes, including video surveillance, wiretaps and undercover informants. Interestingly, a large number of methamphetamine drug crimes are based on situation in which people come in contact with the authorities for other reasons. It is not unusual for the drug to be seized from purses, pockets, wallets, clothing or in a person’s vehicle.

Methamphetamine can show up in driving under the influence test or a drug test for a job. In some instances these seizures can be challenged. There is also the possibility of challenging the results of the drug test. The evidence could have been mishandled in what is called the chain of custody.  Let a San Diego Cocaine Lawyer & Methamphetamine Attorney help you.

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Our San Diego Cocaine Lawyer & Methamphetamine Attorney is experienced in dealing with these situations and putting the best case forward for our clients through the varied resources of our legal team. Please contact us as soon as possible to allow us to provide you a free consultation about your legal options in drug crimes involving methamphetamine.

The size of our practice and our dedication to our local clients ensures that they will obtain the excellent legal representation and results that this firm has become known for. We do ask that you contact us as soon as possible about your case because in many instances a favorable result can be dependent upon quick, early action on our part in a case.



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