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Strong San Diego Auto Theft Lawyer Defense Representation For Those Charged With Carjacking/Grand Theft Auto/Motor Vehicle Theft


Motor vehicle theft and related theft crimes is a very serious crime in San Diego County. In California taking someone car with the intent to deprive the owner of its use  and possession is a serious crime that could land one in jail for a long time.

Our auto theft charges defense attorneys help all related motor vehicle thefts charges like:

  • Joyriding
  • Carjacking
  • Rental Car

If you have been accused with any of the above auto theft call us as we can help.

SD County Auto Theft Charges Defense

When you contact our law firm for charges of motor vehicle related theft, the following defenses are some strategies we can use to defend you.

  • Consent: You can’t be convicted for a motor vehicle theft if it can be proven that the owner gave you consent to have the car.
  • Mistake
  • No intent for permanent deprivation

Please contact our criminal law firm now for a free evaluation of your charges. With our experience we can mount some solid defense and use our proven strategies that could help get your charges dropped or reduced.


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