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San Diego Robbery Lawyer Providing Affordable Representation For Bank, Atm, and Store Robberies etc

Our aggressive defense lawyers handle the defense of robbery charges in all over San Diego county. We have years of experience defending those accused of violent crimes like armed robbery.
Robbery carries some serious consequences of many years in a state freedom.

Types Of Robbery Convictions ( Attempted and First & Second Degree Robbery)

There are different types of robbery convictions.
  • First degree robbery convictions carries three to six years imprisonment in the state prison. When first degree robbery involves more than three people, punishment can be up to nine years in a state prison.
  • Second degree robbery convictions carries a punishment of about two to five years in a  state prison.
  • Attempted robbery conviction is a conviction for robbery where an intent to commit robbery is evident but was never carried out.

We would not like you to lose your freedom and miss time with loved one so please contact our defense lawyers for help. We are ready to help you.

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