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Illegal Ecstasy Possession – Charges, Penalties & Defense In San Diego CA
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Illegal Ecstasy Possession – Charges, Penalties & Defense In San Diego CA

San Diego is home to many “rave parties” and dance parties that frequently wind up with some individuals becoming ensnared in a criminal justice net spread by authorities determined to strictly prosecute drug offenses. It is also known as a “club drug.”

Ecstasy has grown to be one of the most popular drugs among a younger segment of our society and is also known as MDMA, E or X. The high and other side effects from ecstasy drug make it dangerously addictive and users frequently suffer memory loss, among other negative side effects.

Ecstasy is also a drug that leaves a residue in the body for substantial amounts of time and frequently shows up in drug tests administered by authorities or prospective employers.


Ecstasy is classified as a Schedule I drug for which heavy penalties have been put in place, particularly in cases in which manufacturing or sales of the drug are involved. The drug offense is known as a “wobbler” which  means that it is a crime that the prosecution could file as  a  felony or misdemeanor, depending on your past criminal history and the facts surrounding your case.

A successful Felony conviction for ecstasy in California carries a penalty of  up to

  • 1 and half year to 3 years in state prison
  • $10,000 in fines in one year in a county jail

On the other hand someone charged with a  misdemeanor might face one year in county jail and $1000 in fine.

Defense From Skilled Esctasy Attorney

If you’ve been charged or believe you are under investigation for using, possessing, manufacturing or selling ecstasy in San Diego County Or California our legal team is here to provide you the experienced, aggressive drugs crimes defense that you will need in the face of possible severe fines, penalties and incarceration.

If you contact us at the earliest stage of your involvement with authorities we can move quickly and effectively to provide a defense that will preserve all of your legal options.

We will begin a prompt investigation to determine whether the evidence gathered against you might have been illegally obtained or handled by the authorities and could open the door to an early dismissal of charges. Depending upon the circumstances of your case and your criminal background you may be eligible for a drug diversion program in which charges are either suspended or eventually dismissed.

In the event that charges go forward we will use our familiarity with drug crime laws and the workings of the San Diego County criminal justice system to work toward reducing the allegations, working out a satisfactory plea-bargain agreement or seeking an acquittal if there is a trial. We have handled many such cases and done so successfully in every courtroom in San Diego County.



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