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El Cajon Criminal Defense Lawyer And DUI Attorney
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Affordable El Cajon Criminal Defense Attorney Experienced in DUI, Domestic Violence, Restraining Order, Sex Crimes, Shoplifting, Petty Theft Crimes, Drug Possession, Burglary, Robbery, Traffic Tickets, Rape, Fraud, Assault Defense

As one of the best El cajon criminal defense lawyer and DUI attorney ,  we understand legal hassles are not a minor event in East County. They have to be taken very seriously and attended to immediately. We believe in people getting a second chance in life and therefore you can approach us without any hesitation whether you have been charged falsely or you have actually unknowingly committed the crime.

This is the time to make a wise decision on the lawyer with whom you will entrust your life and freedom. The choice of your defense attorney can make or break your future so decide judiciously. We has a team of dedicated legal experts. With more than a decade of experience,  we have the expertise in handling all types of violent and non-violent criminal cases.
We service the whole of East County County and are very well known among the local community so much so that when you seek our help, you be assured we will treat you as one of our own.

The crimes committed by people has been marginalized by the stringent laws of the State of California but there still hope when dealing with the right law firm. Criminal charges requires a lot of research for the preparation of a proper defense. At Seven Legal we provide the best type of support to the case, be it collecting the necessary information or collating evidences or researching rebuttals to the prosecutors most  points.


The areas in which we work are as follows:-

  • Assault
  • Weapon Charges
  • Drugs and Narcotics
  • Theft and Embezzlement
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Federal Crimes
  • Traffic Violations
  • Criminal Defense Law
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Trespassing
  • Vandalism
  • Robbery
  • Hit and Run

Drunk Driving Help

Among the above crimes, the most common are DUI/DWI arrests.As a city which has a high DUI/DWI arrest. Sometimes the sentence can be pretty severe if you are convicted of drunk driving.

When charged with driving under the influence, going ahead without consulting a good lawyer can cause much pain and anguish for a prolonged period of time. At Seven legal we first analyze the case in the shortest time span and then advise the client appropriately on the best course of actions.

In the time of crisis, We can provide you an ideal solution. You will find us friendly and helpful . We have very nominal rates and consultation is absolutely free.

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El Cajon is a city in San Diego County, California. It is nestled among the mountains and provides beautiful scenic views from every part of the city.  It is bordered by San Diego and La Mesa on the west.  Like most inland areas in Southern California, the climate varies dramatically within a short distance, known as microclimate. The city climate has greater extremes compared to coastal San Diego. The farther east from the coast, the more arid the climate gets, until one reaches the mountains, where precipitation increases.

The crime rate of the city is very high in comparison with the National average and therefore it is imperative that you have the contact details of us for you might require our assistance sometime soon. Whether intentionally or not, you might get involved in a messy crime scenario which will solicit our advice and service.


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