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La Jolla Criminal Defense Attorneys & DUI Lawyers
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Passionate La Jolla Criminal Law Firm Handling Charges Like Sex Crimes, Drug Crimes, Theft, Assault, Domestic Violence/Abuse, DUI, Juvenile Crimes

As La Jolla criminal defense lawyers we are well versed in all aspects criminal offense charges. If you been charged with a crime call our law firm now.

Our defense attorneys  understands that it is easy to get embroiled into some sort of mess with the law even if it is a non-violent crime. Since police department in San Diego County has become more stringent and unforgiving in handling alleged criminal cases, We can step in and help you sort out all matters and work on making things right for you.

Whether you are guilty or not, do not make the mistake of trying to defend yourself without the help of Criminal & DUI defense attorneys who understand the North County court system and how to navigate them. You do not want to be alone in the complicated legal maze.


Our Areas Of Criminal Defense Help

Our legal experts have represented La Jolla and other San Diego County residents in the following various areas of criminal charges:

Juvenile Crimes


Drug charges


Assault and Battery


Domestic Violence charge

Sex crimes



White Collar

Arrest warrants

Traffic Tickets

Car Jack

Property crimes charges


Firearm crime charges


Federal crime charges

Gang-related charges

We have successfully represented people and we are confident that we will help you too. The success rate for any case is higher when the case is fought with the assistance of the right defense pros.

Any case we take up goes through a thorough research before representation takes place. Owing to this, you will find the defenses we prepare more logical and simple to understand. Potential trials can be avoided and one’s fruitful discussions with prosecutors can either reduce your sentence or have your charges dropped entirely. We are also not afraid to go to trial if needed.



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