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Affordable North County Criminal Defense Attorney Experienced In DUI, Domestic Violence, Prostitution, Expungement, Warrant, Sex Crimes, Petty Theft Crimes, Restraining Orders, Shoplifting, Fraud, Burglary,Drug Possession Defense

Welcome to our North County criminal defense lawyer & dui attorney website.  When faced with criminal charges most people may be completely shocked and paralyzed by the very thought of the harsh punishment that such charges evoke. Hiring an experienced defense team can help you with your case.

The competence, skill and knowledge of our experienced North County criminal lawyers and experts can result in a successful outcome. Our aggressive lawyers can:

  • Objectively assess the merits of your case
  • Give you an informed legal opinion
  • Inform you about penalties/alternatives
  • Conduct our own forensic investigations
  • Put a water-tight case together
  • Negotiate/Plea Bargain for dismissal or reduced sentencing
  • Prepare for Trial

Criminal laws fall under three main categories in California:

  • Infraction
  • Misdemeanor
  • Felony

Hence it is essential that you select a firm that has a proven track record of success in defending cases like yours. As North County attorney with over 40 years’ experience, we have in-depth skill and knowledge about the different categories. This also enables us to present the kind of evidence/ arguments required to deal with these charges, protect your legal rights, ensure that you get excellent legal representation and get a satisfactory verdict.

Drunk Driving Charges Overview

DUI (Driving under the Influence) laws in California refer to both alcohol and drug related driving offenses. In many cases, they are used interchangeably, although there may be crucial differences in terms of the kinds of evidence and sentencing across different courts and counties in the State.

DUI laws in California are extremely complex and severe. There are many instances where sentences are enhanced on certain types of evidence or prior records. Laws are subject to amendments, revisions and changes. As an attorney with 10 years’ experience and located in California, we are fully competent, knowledgeable and skilled to deal with California DUI cases.

Many people, including some very competent lawyers, may not be fully aware of these. They may not know that alternative sentencing options exist in California DUI cases. They may be unsure of the methods to use to get such alternative sentencing. In addition, you may require expert legal advice at your DMV civil case hearing.

DMV Hearings For DWI Cases

When you face arrest in a California DUI charge, you should be aware that the Department of Motor Vehicles simultaneously conducts its own hearings. These are administrative proceedings, dealing with your driving privileges. In these hearings, you are allowed representation, witnesses and evidence can be presented.

A favorable outcome can result in retaining your driving privileges while an unfavorable result can lead to your license being suspended or revoked. As an experienced attorney in North County with 40 plus years’ experience, we are uniquely qualified to represent you at both DMV hearings and the DUI court proceedings.

Make Sure To Hire An Aggressive & Best Law Firm Defense Team

We can help you understand the types of defense strategies. Some concentrate on getting the charges completely dismissed, while others are focused on bargaining the charges down to lesser count. Our North county criminal attorney adopt an aggressive, proactive stance that results in the most successful and satisfactory outcomes.

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