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Experienced Criminal Law Lawyers – Defense Attorneys Taking On DUI/DWI, Domestic Violence, Drug Crimes, Restraining Order,Theft Crimes Charges In Orange County For You


To be a defendant in a criminal case is an overwhelming experience, but an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer can make a big difference in weakening the prosecutor’s case. When you or your loved ones are arrested for crime, you need to understand that you are only convicted for the crime if the prosecutor can prove you or your loved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
This means that although the charges of an offense have been brought against you, the court still has to prove that you actually committed the offense.  You are given the opportunity to present a defense indicating whether you committed the offense or not.
This is why you need a criminal defense & DUI/DWI attorney  by your side; a lawyer who knows the criminal defense laws well and is experienced in the proceedings. While one may think that he/she can defend him/herself in criminal cases, it is a mistake to do so.
Having an attorney benefits you most because your defense attorney is able to use many different arguments to protect your rights and to make the prosecution prove his/her case against you.

Our Orange County Criminal Lawyers Defense Strategy

There are are many strategies our  experienced lawyers use to help you get results.

The Defendant Did Not Do ItWhen you face criminal charges, your lawyer can argue in your favor that you did not commit the alleged crime. This gives the prosecutor the big challenge to gather an overwhelming evidence to find you guilty.

The Defendant is Innocent

That you or your loved ones are charged with a crime does not mean that you may be found guilty, even if you did it. An experienced defense attorney can use his/her strong defense to convince the judge, jury and the prosecutor that you are innocent and should be set free. This puts the prosecutor on the spot to prove that you actually committed the alleged crime.

Reasonable Doubt

The fear fact that you are sitting in the courtroom facing the jury and the judge to determine your fate does not just result in your conviction. You stand a great chance of walking away free from a crime you may know about or is part when the prosecutor fails to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. The judge and the jury will be on your side if   the prosecutor fails to convince them beyond reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the alleged crime.

Using Alibi Defense

You really need a well-seasoned defense lawyer to create an alibi for you when you are defending yourself against charges of crime. Your lawyer will show skill in creating an alibi for you by convincing the judge and the jury that you were never at the scene of the crime but somewhere else


As a defendant in criminal case, you can avoid punishment even if you should have been guilty of a crime if you and your attorney can prove that you acted the way you did because you were defending yourself. Self -defense argument if best used for cases involving violence, such as murder, battery.

The Insanity Defense

Although some persons may commit crime because of their mental instability, the same defense can also help you. Your lawyer will present the argument on your behalf that you were not with your senses when you committed the crime but you have to pass the psychological test.

Under the Influence Argument

You can claim you committed a crime because you are under the influence of alcohol or drug.
While such argument may not set you free entirely, you may receive lesser charges.

Top Orange County DUI Attorneys Also Aggressively Fighting For Your DWI/Drunk Driving Charges

DUI/DWI charges is one of the areas our attorneys in Orange County is well versed in. We have helped many people get their cases dismissed or reduced. Orange have a high DUI arrest so you need to have the right law firm on your side to help you defend your freedom.

If you or a loved one have been accused in any of the following related drunk driving or driving while under the influence of drugs offense in OC we can help.

  • First time DUI/DWI
  • Multiple DUI
  • Juvenile DUI
  • Blood alcohol content tests
  • Breathalyze tests
  • Field sobriety tests
  • DUI/DWI Penalties
  • DMV hearing for license suspension
  • Drunk driving homicide
  • DUI hit and run
  • DUI/DWI expungement

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